High Capital Gains

Unlike traditional investment products or cryptocurrency coins such as Bitcoin or Ethereum where the number of shares or coins you hold in your wallet remains static, EFFIN investors gain a proportionate instant yield payout from EFFIN's proprietary tokenomics for every EFFIN that is traded or if any profit is made on EFFIN's eco-system of decentralized applications with unlimited high-yield potential.

Self-Generated Liquidity

EFFIN's proprietary tokenomics fully utilizes the use of a permissionless liquidity pool that gives a cryptocurrency value and the ability for EFFIN to be easily converted into cash or other cryptocurrencies. Every transaction within EFFIN's eco-system corresponds to a tax or an earning and sends half of this applied tax or earning to an AMM (Automated Market Makers) Liquidity Pool that locks EFFIN's financial liquidity ensuring your EFFIN will always have financial value.

Continuous Development

The development team behind EFFIN is funded only by continuously developing decentralized applications and the continued transaction of EFFIN's investors and patrons. The development team has intentionally withheld from keeping any minted EFFIN and released all minted EFFIN's for public investors, this reliance on EFFIN's evolution ensures the project's continuous development and progression.

App Earnings Redistribution Pending

Earnings from EFFIN's eco-system of decentralized applications that are developed, being developed, and will be developed are governed by the same proprietary tokenomics principles multiplied by 10. Any earnings are injected directly into EFFIN's proprietary tokenomics and are redistributed based on EFFIN's tokenomics principles of yield and financial liquidity to benefit EFFIN's investors.

Autonomous System Market

EFFIN's proprietary tokenomics algorithmically self-governs its free market system by automatically applying a fee for every EFFIN transaction or any earnings from its decentralized applications then circulates all proceeds from this back into its free market system without any intervention and away from any centralized financial institutions which serve as the backbone for its financial liquidity and investors yield.